Monday, November 29, 2010

DIY Thanksgiving foundry

photo by Kitty Joe Sainte-Marie

Well..... I'm tired. We just spent the week upstate working our fingers to the bone and pouring aluminum. We have a ton of photos to share from our incredible week, but since we got back late last night and I have to be on a plane for Miami in a couple hours, all I have time for is a sneak peek. An amazing, amazing week...... more to come.

photo by Kitty Joe Sainte-Marie
Allison Hester, Matt Crane, Bathtub, and Jade.

photo by Kitty Joe Sainte-Marie
This one is on its way to Miami. I hope they let me on the plane with it.

photo by Kitty Joe Sainte Marie
Hey, what are you all looking at? David Strauss, Allison Hester, Jade, and the incredible Matt Crane.

A very, very special thank you to all of my friends that helped me out; Matt Crane, Bathtub, Allison Hester, Xavier Smith, David Strauss, Nora Gomez, Alberto, Dara, and the lovely Miss Kitty Joe.
You guys are amazing. Thank you so much for all the hard work and great times!
More photos soon.....

Sunday, November 14, 2010