Sunday, December 12, 2010

snapshots from miami

Photo from #Rank just about says it all. Oh Art Basel Miami, why do you try to suck me soulless and skeeve me out so....

The one, the only, Doug McQueen helps to keep the soul intact.

Last week I showed you images of the great thanksgiving aluminum pour upstate. Here you can see some (albeit crappy) images of the finished product, installed at Priska Juschka's booth at Pulse Miami. I'll post better images of this soon and we're still processing the photos from the upstate pour which i will post later in the week.

75lbs of Aluminum! yikes!

I don't care about your lame Art party or who is going to be there. I'll be at the beach.

Flying out of Miami pretty much feels like this. Glad to be back in the studio. Back to work.