Monday, January 9, 2012

Gallery Poulsen, Copenhagen and other news

Good things! 
I've started working with Gallery Poulsen in Copenhagen and will be in a group show there opening this Friday.  Powhida and I will also be doing a collaborative show there in August/September and we are looking forward to the endeavor.  I have also started working with Lesley Heller Workspace here in New York and am currently in the midst of production for a solo show with her this coming April...   

Oil painting is an invention from the 14th century.  Video art was born in the 1960's,  but to express artistically on paper is a several thousand-year-old tradition.  When working with paper as a medium the artistic creative process is often direct and immediate.  It is a revealing method that shows what the artist is capable of creating with his hand and a piece of paper - right here, right now.  

This exhibition at Gallery Poulsen examines the skills within a group of New York artists.  They are all known as painters who express themselves with color on canvas, but frequently they also explore the wide possibilities of the paper.  Gallery Poulsen is very proud to present great works on paper produced by these prominent names: Michael Bevilacqua, Daniel Davidson, Aaron Johnson, Mi Ju, Erik Parker, William Powhida, Tom Sanford, Alfred Steiner, Jade Townsend, Eric White and Michael Anderson.  

The artists will not be present in Copenhagen during the exhibition, but will be happy to do interviews through Skype.  

Gallery Poulsen and New York.
With Drawn to You - 'Works on Paper from New York' Gallery Poulsen has increased its appetite for the Big Apple and has reserved most of the 2012 exhibition program for New York artists.  United States may no longer be the world's only superpower, but for Gallery Poulsen New York is still the world's most vibrant and creative city.